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Welcome to IAAG, It's All About Games...sort off.
We are a small community that likes gaming, sharing news and other info with our members and the world.

IAAG was created by CDMC, the main modder for SCS games back in 2009.

We hope to live long and continue doing what we do best, have fun!

PS. Yes, we are ads free ;)


Interview with CDMC

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04 Nov 2011

Hello there Francr2009 here, recording for IAAG we have a special Guest...I think u know him pretty well...How are u CDMC ??
Hello, i'm good, thank you.

What u doing men ??
Chillin', nothing too crazy

Ok...first off thanks for your time...and lets go straight to the questions
Sure, no problem


Q: How old are u ??
A: I'm nineteen

Q: Your Name ??
A: Its hard to pronounce it, so lets leave it CDMC for now

Q: What are your favorite games on PC that is ??
A: Oh, i like lots of games, i can list few of them.. First one i might say is Mafia 2 then Grand Theft Auto 4, Live for Speed and much more.. I like all SCS Software truck games of course, some of them more some of them less.

Q: Do u know how to mod a game ?? Or how to make a skin ??
A: Yes, i know how to make mods for SCS Software truck games and i made lots of them, i made lots of fixes and all kind of stuff, also there was some projects that never saw the day light..

Q: What skills u think u have ??
A: Well i can build PC's, mod games, create web sites and do some other stuff.

Q: How did u discover this whole Trucking community ?? Since when are u active ?? What do you think about SCS Software company and there work?
A: I don't remember the first forum i joined. I remember the second, it was 3dartpol, this was i think in 2008-2009. What do i think about SCS Software? I think they are a great company and moving to the right direction with Euro truck simulator 2. I knew from day one when i started to play there games that they will make it big one day, that they can make great trucking games and some day they will make a huge step in the right direction and that step now is called Euro truck simulator 2.

Q: Whats your favorite company: C1 or SCS when referring to Trucking games ??
A: I have to say SCS Software. I have all SCS truck games. I started to play SCS truck games from the very first Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel. I think it was made by Sunstorm Interactive and SCS, it was long time ago so i can't remember all the details.

Q: How did u created this community ?? What u had in mind when u created this forum ?? Are u happy with the results ?? Why IAAG ??
A: After my visit at 3dartpol i though about making my own forum. When i was making my first forum i dreamed to make it big like 3dartpol did. So far IAAG is moving in the right direction. Yes, i am very happy with the results. Why IAAG? Well forum have to have a name. I tried to think of something but nothing came out good. I was thinking how to call forum about games and that moment i thought... wait why not to call it "It's All About Games"? Then i thought that this is a bit too long name... Later that day i came up with another idea how to make it short and still have "It's All About Games" name in the end. I just took the first letter of every word and that's how IAAG name was born.

Q: Bad things u've been throw on the Forum ??
A: Oh, there where few.. Forum was down quite few times.. Our main site got hacked... But in the end everything came out good.

Q: What sort of stuff u don't like ?? Spamming Guys....only looking for mods perhaps..
A: Yes. I don't like spammers or people that comes to our forum just to download mods.

Q: Whats your general thoughts about the Users on the Forum ??
A: They are great, non of this would be possible if it wasn't for them, thanks for all the support!

Q: Do u dislike someone ??
A: No. I don't.

Q: Whats your favorite Section ??
A: I don't actually have one, i like all of them.

Q: What are your plans for the Forum or the site ?? Are u working something up ??
A: At this point i don't have any big plans, but who knows...

Q: What are u working on to resolve spamming issues....bots...and those sort of things...??
A: We have a small quiz with simple three question witch new users have to fill in and sent to us if they want to get register. All new members that sent the request are approved by our staff, we don't allow random members to get in, this is how we deal with spammers, so far this is working great. And for the record we don't need 5000 inactive members, all we need is few that are active and interested in IAAG, modding, playing online, chatting and all that fun stuff.

Q: What u think of the Facebook and Twitter integrations ??
A: I'm not a fan of facebook or twitter but that don't mean that we won't be using it. We are doing everything so others can track our activity more easily with there loved social networks.

Q: Would you like IAAG to be the official Trucking community ?? How to achieve that ??
A: I don't know. Its not what i want, its what IAAG community wants, and if they wants to be Official Trucking Community all i can do is agree with them and make it happen.

Well I think that's it for now....

Can u send an special message to IAAG members?
Well guys thanks for all the support over these past years, without you none of this would be possible!

So thanks again C and u guys for the time reading this. As we always say ....See ya !!

Note: This was an audio record in the first place and then written here
Interview made by Francr2009
Guest: CDMC
@2011 IAAG