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Postby Jason » 25 May 2016, 20:43


Welcome to the town of Grismby. Famed for its Fishing Industries, Grimsby spent many years on the top of the fishing game during the 1970s. However, has seen the rise of food manufacturering since the 1990s after its post-industrial decline. This large town was originally in the county of Lincolnshire, but became part of Humberside in 1974 and rejoined Lincolnshire in 1996. London, this town is not. Grimsby has been built on the hard work of the men and women that live there, and has many famous landmarks such as the Dock Tower. It's located on the South side of the Humber bank and faces directly out towards the North Sea and is one of the largest towns in the area, with approximately 90,000 residents. In 1993, Stagecoach took over Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport as they began to expand their empire across the county with the purchase of Lincolnshire Road Car (which provided services to South Killingholme, Louth, Barton-upon-Humber and the Willows Estate) in 2005 and now provide nearly all the bus services within the area. As a Bus Driver in Grimsby, you shall operate a variety of Single and Double Decker buses throughout the area, which includes serving Grimsby itself, Cleethorpes, Louth, Immingham and many more! Driving in Grimsby is not so much a Sight Seeing Tour, but providing vital transport services to the thousands that use the public transport in the area and can offer even some of the more highly skilled drivers a challenge!

Finally, I'm pleased to announce Project Grimsby. With the large increase of UK Based Maps appearing in OMSI, I felt this would be a great oppurtunity to launch a new project for the OMSI Community! Many projects are set in absolutely beautiful locations, however it's important to remember the hard working and more demanding places to work! Project Grimsby shall not be a small project, as I plan for it to be a project full of the little details (I'm a one for an eye for the small details). By no means will I be able to complete this project by myself, and it would be truly great to see members of the community come together! Please read on for more details about this new project!

Stagecoach provide a large variety of different services in the area that serve many thousands of people per week, and being a project that will simulate Grimsby's Bus Services to as much detail as possible, once the project reaches full completion - I hope to have worked as many of the services and routes available in as possible to provide many hours of fun driving! Here is a list of the different services and destinations that hopefully will be included (this list is subject to change as more research is completed for this project)!

Service 1: EuroParc/Wybers Wood/Grimsby/East Marsh/Cleethorpes
Service 2: Wybers Wood/Grimsby/East Marsh/Cleethorpes
Service 3: Morrisons/Cleethorpes Pier/Bradley
Service 4: Morrisons/Cleethorpes Pier/Bradley
Service 5: Immingham MIC/Grimsby
Service 5C: Grimsby/Immingham
Service 6: Grimsby/Wybers Wood
Service 7: Grange Estate/North Sea Lane/Laceby
Service 8: Grimsby/North Sea Lane
Service 8S: Pleasure Island/New Waltham/Grimsby
Service 9: Grimsby/Waltham/Cleethorpes
Service 9S: Waltham/Cleethorpes
Service 10: Grimsby/Waltham/Pleasure Island
Service 11: Grimsby/Scartho Park
Service 12: Grimsby/Bradley Park/New Waltham/Cleethorpes
Service 17: Cleethorpes Pier/Thorpe Park
Service 20: Wybers Wood/Grimsby/East Marsh/Cleethorpes
Service 25: Grimsby/Ludford
Service 50: Louth Town Service
Service 51: Louth/Grimsby/Tetney
Service 51A: Louth/Holton Le Clay
Service 51B: Louth/Holton Le Clay
Serivce 51C: Louth/Grimsby
Service 104: Waltham/Holton Le Clay

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to include support for the Humber Flyer, College Flyer, 53, 53A and 53B Services to the sheer distances they must cover and the possible effects it may have on the Map. However, they may be added in the future if they prove not to cause problems. Another thing that I would like to note is that not all routes will be included straight off the bat! This Project shall be ongoing and will expand over time with new routes being added as time goes on! :mrgreen:

The Stagecoach Depot in Grimsby used to be a Tram Depot, and stores all the vehicles that operate within Grimsby-Cleethorpes and the surrounding areas. These vehicles include;

- 2014 Scania N230UDs (with E400 Bodywork)
- 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Volvo B7TLs (East Lancs Vyking Bodywork)
- 2004 Volvo B7TLs (Wright Eclipse Gemini Bodywork - Open Topper)
- 2005 Dennis Tridents (Alexander ALX 400 Bodywork)
- 2006 & 2007 Dennis Trident 2s (Alexander Enviro 400 Bodywork)
- 2010 MAN 18.240LFs (Alexander Enviro 300 Bodywork)
- 2012 & 2014 Dennis Dart SLF4s (Alexander Enviro 200 Bodywork)

Our end goal is to produce identical versions of these vehicles within OMSI 2 (such as the N230UD E400s and East Lancs Vyking B7TLs) if they haven't already. However, this would be a later development after the intial Map Release. Upon the Map Release, it is hoped that the following vehicles shall be operated;

- Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 by Winsome
- Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 by GX7767 Studios
- Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini by AD156 (Could be replaced by the B9TL Gemini 2)
- Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 by AD156
- Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 (Open Top) by AD156

As previously stated, in order for Project Grimsby to be successful, the project cannot be completely by just one individual (especially with the massive variety of different skills that are required). This is where you come in!
There are many different roles that need to be filled for this project which all require different sets of skills, these include;

- Map Production (The Map will be quite large, with some routes nearing 20 miles in distance!)
- Model Production (For things such as Street Models, etc.)
- Model/Vehicle Skinning (I'm quite handy when it comes to Model Skinning now, and can do the majority of this - however an extra pair of hands is useful)
- Research/Planning (I've taken quite a lead on this and have collected some useful data so far, but again, some extra hands can only help make things go more smoothly!)

Personally, I feel Project Grimsby is a great oppurtunity for creators to work together and meet new developers to produce what can be a really awesome final product! Of course, the more hands that become involved in the project, the better! If you have experience in Map Production, Modelling or Skinning, then please do get in contact with me through Private Message or through the Thread for us to potentially arange for you to join the project! Personally, I'm very excited to see the launch of this project, and am personally very enthusiastic about the plans! It would be great to see the town of Grimsby finally make it into an amazing simulator such as OMSI!

If you have any questions or enquiries about the project, please feel free to leave a response in this thread!
Also, feel free to check back for new updates in regards to Project Grimsby, I look forward to keeping you guys updated!
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